We supply you worldwide lubricants from first-class brand manufacturers. Our range includes lubricants such as:
engine oils, transmission oil, hydraulic oils, greases and much more …


We offer Lubricants for Motor, Hydraulic and Greases for all industries: HDEO Severe / Heavy Duty, PCMO, Quick Lubes,  Fleets, Constructions, Mining, Tractors, Buses, Light vehicles, Power Generation and aviation industries. All our products are made in US with Group II Base Oil include Conventional, Synthetic Blend and Full Synthetics.  Hydraulic oil offered ranges 1,500 hours to 8,000 hours service also offered are Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil and Greases.


We can supply lubricants in a variety of different sizes and packages to meet your needs. We also offer packaging and labeling with your own brand. To impress your customers with a line of products with only your name and your logo visible. Private labeling can be ordered on many of our products, including pails, barrels, drums and containers.

AMV Enterprises, LLC.

Offer and Distributes, Engine Oil, Grease, and Lubricants for Industrial,
Commercial, Marine, Mining, Construction and Automotive.

• Motor Oil
• Engine Oil Heavy Use
• Synthetic Oil
• Oil Transmission
• Hydraulic Oil
• Gear Oil
• Antifreeze
• Industry  Lubricant
• Additives


As a multi brand supplier, we are keen to provide our customers with a competent and reliable service and consulting.
Through our wide selection of brand lubricants, we are always in a position to offer a reasonable offer for branded lubricants and deliver it at attractive conditions worldwide.


Export a complete line of premium lubricating oils and greases for automotive, commercial and industrial applications.