Our Customers Just some of the business currently using our product.

Who we are

We offer Lubricants for Motor, Hydraulic and Greases for all industries: HDEO Severe / Heavy Duty, PCMO, Quick Lubes, Fleets, Constructions, Mining, Tractors, Buses, Light vehicles, Power Generation and aviation industries. All our products are made in US with Group II Base Oil include Conventional, Synthetic Blend and Full Synthetics. Hydraulic oil offered ranges 1,500 hours to 8,000 hours service also offered are Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil and Greases.
We develop private label brands from design to shelves. Guarantee optimal operations for our clients. Our products are licensed by API (American Institute of Petroleum), we offer lubricants manufactured with Type II, III, VI and PAO Group with highest quality additive packages. Our customers range from truck loads, totes, flexi tanks.

Our state of the art purchasing system gives us the ability to give our customer aggressive pricing by purchasing by Rail Cars and Full Truck loads. Our customers can also purchase totes, flexi tanks and truck losds private labels. All products are licensed API and OEM approved.

AMV offers more than 35 years of experience in the industry WorldWide. AMV Enterprises, LLC., has Certified technical support of leading companies in the oil industry worldwide, and with the certification in AENOR Environmental Management. USA OSHA. And with certified technicians to assist them.